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Flourless chocolate cookies

I am a baker at heart and in my dreams. I am slowly trying to make it a reality, but it takes time and a lot less actual baking than you’d think. However, I still find time for trying new things out, especially when I’m upset, or nervous like I was this past Tuesday afternoon. I had found this recipe on Pinterest a couple of days before and it intrigued me. A flourless chocolate cookie? No butter or fats? An almost healthy cookie? Nah. I’m not going to get ahead of myself there, but it’s much more guilt-free than your normal cookie.

Take a look at these babies and tell me if they look semi-healthy –

chocolate cookie flourless healthy cookie

They were (I say were because between me, Mr. J and the peeps at karate, those suckers are gone) chocolately, rich, sinful tasting. Almost meringue like in their texture. Heaven. And only 66 calories per cookie, and 2.5g of fat! Winning!

Make them. Seriously. They’re only 5 ingredients. You’ll thank me for it.


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