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Treasure hunts make you pee

Shawna here.

Toddly turned 4 recently, which really means she needs a new nickname.  She’s no longer a toddler, and she’s off to school this fall, which means she should be a pre-schooler, but I’m not ready to deal with that, so Toddly she will remain.

Previously we’ve had fairly large, yet laid back family/friend parties, but this year, she wanted to invite friends.  She’s attended a few parties at a local kids museum, so I knew I had to deliver on fun this time around.   We stuck with our usual venue, Auntie T’s house, because it rocks.  Great pool, great patio, lots of seating, very functional kitchen, and Auntie T and Uncle F are just cool peeps who open their home to all kinds of people.  So an afternoon pool party, plus a few games, and some eats, this was the plan.   Crossed my fingers for great weather, and headed off to Pinterest.

Here’s the thing.  Usually I browse Pinterest on my Blackberry, and I’m rarely logged in, I’m just surfing the “everything” category.  Which means I rarely pin things, and I usually have a miserable time trying to find what I wanted to pin.   I’ve created a board on Pinterest for the things I’m gonna cover here.   Also, I didn’t want to pin all kinds of things ahead of the party and then be disappointed in myself for either running out of time for implementation, or not doing a fabu job on making something, or putting myself at risk of Judgy Judy’s at the party.

There was a vague “Disney Princesses meet rainbow” theme going on.  Nothing terribly noticeable, but that’s what I tried to stick with.

Let’s start with Décor…. Husby D was primarily in charge of setting up the party (he’s tall, I’m not).  Anyways, I have loved this Pin forever.  I gave Husby D the tablecloths, balloons and a picture.  I think it worked out pretty good.

party ceiling decoration streamers

Gold star for Husby.   He also rocked out a lovely table with personalized cups for the kids.

party decoration do it yourself cups birthday table

Moving on, we played some games.  Nothing terribly Pinteresting there.  See, this is where the Judgy Judys would come along…. I wanted to do this, but I decided at the last minute to skip it.  We had enough hot-day things to do.  What I needed was something awesome in case of rain.  But it still looks like a great activity to do.   We played a little Pin the Tail on the Donkey, some water balloons were a hit (thanks Mr. J for filling extra water balloons!).   I had a foam craft kit to make butterflies in case it rained, but we ended up using that to fill in some time later in the afternoon.

On to the star of the show, well, other than the birthday girl herself.  The Cake.

princess cake barbie cake pink

Last year I wanted to make the rainbow layer cake, but Toddly overruled and demanded a “choc-late cake with choc-late icing” so she got the much Pinned Kitkat cake.  This year, I told her that the cake was a surprise.  So, what do you get when you cross rainbow cake with Wilton’s wonder mould cake?  This!

rainbow cake birthday cake

I was completely in awe when we cut into it and found how perfectly rainbowy it was inside. Won’t lie, I wasn’t expecting this level of awesome.   Maybe the making of this cake is a whole ‘nother blog post.

I also rocked out a few pound cakes for the adults.  One princess cake can’t feed 25 adults and 6 kids.  I think the pound cake will show up in another post too. Uncle F’s bday is approaching soon and he loves the pound cake.  As part of the “eats”, I also made super yummy baked pasta.

We wrapped up the day with a treasure hunt for the kids, and their loot bags were the treasure.  Husby D ran out of time, the treasure box was supposed to be wrapped up in pretty paper, so the kids would recognize their treasure, instead of wondering what was so exciting about an old computer box, but hey, it all worked out.  We used pictures of the house and yard instead of a map, because the kids can’t conceptualize a map yet.

kids treasure hunt birthday treasure map

I’d say it was a success (even though every potty trained kid decided they HAD to pee during the treasure hunt), and gave the bday girl a bit of a chance to lead her friends around since she was familiar with the place.

All in all, it was another successful party.  We’ve survived the newborn stage, terrible twos, the terrorizing threes, and are heading off into the fabulous 4’s.


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