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We’re baaaaack!

Well, well, well. Here we are again. I have a feeling that this sudden spurt of blogging may last a little longer than the last one. Why you ask? Ima gonna tell you, don’t worry. Let’s start the story back in, oh I don’t know… August, where our regularly scheduled programming got interrupted.

I was busy busy busy planning my October 1 wedding (so I’m now officially a smug married!), and went on honeymoon for two weeks. Here are some snaps (**disclaimer – they’re not all my pictures. To be honest, I sometimes really suck at taking pictures. So, I’ll borrow, and give credit where credit is due):

Ceremony and reception – Elsie Perrin Williams Estate. Dress – Jacquelin Exclusives. Fascinator and veil – made by Mel. Photography –

In London, we stayed at Hazlitt’s (, in SoHo. We (read: I) chose this hotel for a few reasons. Number one, it looked British. I didn’t want to go to Europe and stay at the Holiday Inn.  Two, it was historical. We went to Europe for the history, and we couldn’t have gotten any closer. The hotel is made up of 4 Georgian era townhouses, has creaky, uneven floors (I literally had to walk uphill to the bathroom!) and is furnished in antiques, or replicas of. Third, location location location! We were right in the middle of SoHo (full of restaurants and clubs), a stone’s throw from the West End (very important, as we went to see Les Mis one night), close to Piccadilly Circus, the British Museum, the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben and the rest of the wonders that metro London has to offer. Fourth, two of my heroes (J.K. Rowling and Anthony Bourdain) regularly stay at Hazlitt’s when they’re in London. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who wants more than the cheapo, cookie-cutter hotel room.

The front of Hazlitt’s Hotel, London UK. Photo courtesy of

Our room, the Madam Kennedy suite. Photo courtesy of

We were in London for a week and didn’t stop moving for one second. As I already mentioned, we saw a show on the West End, we went to the Tower of London, and Westminster, where a phantom cat made it’s presence known. After London we took the train to Paris. Paris!!!! Is there anything I can say that hasn’t been said about that city already? I tried so hard to play cool, but in reality I was the dorky, excited tourist who couldn’t believe her good fortune at being there with the person she loves.  (Don’t worry, that’s about as sentimental as I get). I can’t even tell you my favourite part of being in Paris… it was all amazing… just to be able to see things and places that I’ve read about and seen on tv and in movies… gave me goosebumps about every 4 minutes or so.

This was the view from our hotel. Yeah, that’s Notre Dame just across the river.

Typical I know, but I took this picture from one of the famous Bateaux Mouches, cruising along the Seine on Canadian Thanksgiving.

Aaaaanywaaaaay…. back to real life Mel! Stop daydreaming about baguettes and Nutella crepes! I got home mid-October, returned to work, and my boss left the company the very next day. FYI, I worked in retail, at a very busy US based body care company. And this was right at the start of our Christmas season. So, my other manager and myself spent the next two months running the store alone. Then Christmas hit. Then our semi-annual sale. Then I got a new job. My new position required me to work 60 hour weeks, as we were opening a new store in our local mall. Needless to say, anything other than work and sleep took a back burner. The job was going wonderfully well, until I walked in at noon on Friday the 13th, and got let go. Huh? Yeah. Figure that one out. The company I was working for, let’s call them, oh I don’t know… Infinity 22 😉 is known for over hiring staff for new stores. What I didn’t realize is that included managers as well. So now I’m doing work over the Internet from home for a real estate developer in NS, getting in shape for my second degree black belt testing in September, and working on my business plan that’s been 3 years in the making.

As for Shawna, she’s been raising a kid. That’s more than enough to keep her busy. So busy in fact, she makes me tired with all the stuff she does on a daily basis – taking care of Toddly – working a full time job – cooking and cleaning for her family – dance lessons – swimming lessons – soccer (more on this later –  have you ever seen 4 year olds play soccer? It’s fantastically funny) – planning birthday parties – helping plan 2 weddings – being an awesome best friend. She’s kind of a super mom like that*raising a glass to you Dude*.

I think that’s a pretty full year. On to the next one!





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