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Starbucks Blueberry Scones – part 1

So, one of the things Mel neglected to mention in our introduction, is my love of Starbucks. I will fully admit that I began my love affair of Sbux a million years ago on a trip to Vancouver and sampled their long-gone hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream. Seriously, chocolate whipped cream? Who comes up with this stuff? Anyhow, at that point, I was a non-coffee drinker, which makes a Sbux addiction kinda weird. I’ve since grown into a coffee lover, but my Sbux addiction lies in their snacky bits. Scones, alas, are my true Sbux love, and they have a new blueberry scone offering that has captured my attention. This scone is a bit different than their usual slightly dry scones – its almost fluffy, if you can actually consider a scone “fluffy”.

My friend Google found me a knock-off recipe today, and since I had all of the ingredients tucked safely in the fridge, and there was a break in the 2 month long heat-wave, tonight I was going to scone!

The recipe contains all of your normal scone players: flour, baking powder, butter, whipping cream, sugar, blueberries. Exact recipe will follow.

In a smallish condo, take 1 exhausted Toddly.

Cut in one bratty neighbour kid who fed Toddly pumpkin pie even though I said we hadn’t had dinner yet.

Toss Toddly into truck to run last minute errand before dinner

Finish our errand, get back in the truck, and find Toddly sound asleep when we get home. Schlep Toddly into house and place on couch for a few minutes.

Preheat oven to 350. Find dirty frying pan in oven compliments of husband. At least it was cast iron and didn’t melt, this time.

Open fridge to remove ingredients. Find 4 inches of milk that had leaked into the crisper bins at bottom of fridge, and into other nooks and crannies.

Swear. A lot.

Turn off oven. Tonight is now a fridge cleaning night instead of yummy scone making.

Wake Toddly because its now 8pm and she hasn’t had dinner (but pumpkin pie is healthy, right?)

Endure tantrum. Leave room for a moment. Recognize that her cry has changed from a whine into panic. She yells for me to rescue her. She’s standing in a pee-lake in the middle of the living room. Laundry is now the new priority.

What’s that line about “the best laid plans of mice and men….”? That author was clearly a man – if he was a woman, the sentence would have been “mice and mommies”

Tomorrow (hopefully) real scone recipe and review.


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